2021 THEME

The pandemic has led to a ‘big bang’, evolutionary step in IT. Digital Transformation has gone from being a buzzword, to a critical component of business and IT strategy overnight. In fact, it’s estimated that we’ve travelled 5 years, in just 18 months!


Managing rapid change is incredibly hard. Mistakes have been made in the rush. Short term solutions have been used to get through the madness. But NOW is the time to take a long term view and rebuild for the future. But where should you start?

No matter where you are on your digital transformation journey, we’ll go further together. We’ll be exploring the very latest strategies, case studies and ‘must have’ solutions in these areas:

Now, more than ever, organisations need to consider people as part of their technology investments and implementations…

A recent McKinsey report states that whilst 8/10 of companies have embarked on a digital transformation project, only 30% have achieved their objectives. The main factor in failure? People and adoption.

As our ‘Future of Work’ plans begin to crystallise, finding an equilibrium between the demands of people and the capability of IT will be crucial. Those who get this right are going to attract the best talent, achieve best customer growth and in turn win against their competitors.

The adoption of technology by customers, employees and suppliers is essential to agility and speed of change… And let’s face it. Most organisations simply aren’t good enough at integrating and implementing new tech.

Transformation is a team sport so the relationship between Business Leaders, IT Teams, Security Teams, Data Teams and DevOps needs to become better, faster and stronger. Like an F1 pit-stop, or Mars Landing everyone needs to come together in the right way, at the right time. There is a lot to unpack, but it starts with building a modern ‘digital culture’.

This year, DTX and UCX are co-locating for the first time creating the UKs largest and most relevant digital transformation event. We’ll be helping you to plan your IT strategy for the future of work, unlock the power of technology and navigate a new era.