Caroline Gorski
Caroline Gorski
Group Director, R2 Data Labs
Rolls Royce

Caroline Gorski is Group Director of R2 Data Labs, charged with developing the strategy and implementation of data innovation technologies and capabilities for Rolls-Royce that lead to new insights, new solutions and new business models, generating substantial value for the Group. R2 Data Labs was formed in 2017 to be a catalyst and accelerator for Rolls-Royce data innovation.

R2 Data Labs works across the Rolls-Royce Group as federated community of practice. Working collaboratively with Business Units, we identify, test, prove and accelerate new technologies and business models that best position Rolls-Royce to adopt, deploy and industrialise market-leading data innovation, creating change and positive disruption. We develop and mature the new data innovation expertise capabilities and digital first culture needed to achieve Rolls-Royce’s digital strategy.

R2 Data Labs are specialist practitioners, who create vibrant communities of practice in the pioneering capabilities and tools that are critical to accelerate data innovation and raising Rolls-Royce’s digital readiness levels:

• AI, machine learning & data engineering emerging technologies
• Ecosystem-led open innovation & venturing
• Business model disruption • Building digital skills and culture
• Data innovation best practice, methodologies and operating models

Having graduated from Oxford University with an MA, Caroline has spent 25 years analysing, advising and managing strategic change at the leading edge of technology development, including as Head of IoT and Digital Manufacturing for Digital Catapult, part of the UK Government’s innovation support network. Currently, she holds NED and Board Advisory positions for CENSIS and Sensing Feeling as well as roles advising and supporting regional and national governments around the world in Digital Strategy development.