Stand #: H22
Internet of Things

SolarWinds provides powerful and affordable IT management and monitoring software to customers worldwide. Kenson is the #1 authorized SolarWinds partner and expert in SolarWinds software.

SolarWinds products focus exclusively on IT Professionals and strive to eliminate the complexity that they have been forced to accept from traditional enterprise software vendors.

SolarWinds products are easy to buy, install, use, scale, and maintain, yet still provide the power to resolve any IT management problem.

Kenson has developed an an unrivalled reputation for the way its professional services team supports its customers both before systems go live and long after they have been installed. Kenson engineers are not only highly trained experts but have a thorough understanding of the practical issues involved in the management of diverse networks.

Kenson provides deployment and support services for the full range of software applications from SolarWinds and all of the Kenson engineers are SolarWinds Certified Professionals.

Visitors to the stand will learn about what SolarWinds are working on with Network Performance Monitor v12.3, Netflow Traffic Analyzer v4.4, IP Address Manager v4.7, Virtualization Manager v8.2, as well as many more of the latest software releases for SolarWinds products.

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