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Stand #: J20
Internet of Things

Increase your end user productivity and reduce your IT service support costs with end-to-end performance monitoring from eG Enterprise. Whether you’ve deployed virtual workspace technology from Citrix or VMware, or need to ensure your web apps are performing well, eG Enterprise will give you complete visibility into the end user experience as well as the entire supporting infrastructure – all from a single console. Its patented, automatic root-cause problem diagnosis technology instantly pinpoints where problems originate, anywhere in your environment. It even shows you how your Java and .Net servers are performing, with drill downs to code line level.

No other monitoring solution provides the depth of coverage and root-cause automation offered by eG Enterprise. It includes pre-built monitors for 180+ applications, 10+ operating systems and 10+ virtualization platforms, all complemented by automatic service discovery, which dramatically simplifies deployment and enables your team to begin realizing benefits in hours, rather than weeks or months. With configurable dashboards and comprehensive, flexible reporting, eG Enterprise fully addresses your day-to-day operational support and infrastructure management requirements.

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