DOSarrest Internet Security
Stand #: CC5
Cyber Security

DOSarrest Internet Security specialises in pure cloud based DDoS protection. Our global client base includes mission critical websites in a wide range of business segments including ecommerce, gaming, financial, health, media, education, defence and government.

Solving the DDoS problem is like a never ending cat and mouse game with attackers. DOSarrest specialises in providing fully managed DDoS protection services to protect any website in any location. DOSarrest was created to solve one problem from the start. It is not an add-on service or afterthought. Our entire network and security server arrays have been configured and distributed globally with one purpose - to stop DDoS attacks. Our proprietary software systems are constantly being upgraded to keep pace with the ever changing DDoS threat landscape.

DOSarrest services include: Enterprise level DDoS protection for websites, DDoS Protection for DataCenters (GRE service), DDoS attack simulation/preparation, WAF, External Website Monitoring and Website Vulnerability Testing.

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