Agile Response
Stand #: Start Up Zone V5c
Cyber Security

We are dedicated to ensuring a more robust security posture for our customers. We achieve this through various leading-edge detection and response services, including Threat Hunting and Incident Response and our proprietary Cloud platform, Chronos, which powers both our own and our customers’ teams, enabling highly efficient, fast, deep, robust, scalable investigations that generate actionable insights into Cyber Threats and Risks.

Companies, as an integral part of their risk management strategy, should be focused on their cybersecurity posture. We believe that this focus engenders top and bottom-line benefits, especially because customers, investors and regulators consider cybersecurity as a pillar of a company’s robustness.

As a spin-off from CSIS Security Group, the leading pure-play cybersecurity services provider in the Nordics, we have a world-class pedigree in the cybersecurity industry. We have worked extensively with both global enterprises and small/medium sized businesses in the financial services, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and retail industries.

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